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Soldier for Life. Danny Chen, Presente.

“What’s the orange armband for?” In the stark sunlight of the season’s first bitterly cold day, he looked a bit like Santa Claus who took the wrong left at the last intersection and ended up at an immigrant rights rally. … Continue reading

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Mic Check Your Fucking Privilege

It was D17. The infamous day when Trinity Church’s fence was ripped apart and bishops in elegant red robes were arrested by a bunch of blue shirts. It was also the third month of mic-checking business-as-usual. Later that evening, a … Continue reading

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Occupying Disenchantment

Here we go again with the ho-ho-ho-ing and the fake snow blowing. With the shiny happy velvety red, cutely-clad motherfuckers that I’d see joyfully dashing about in every torturous 90-second commercial slot if I still watched TV. Here we go … Continue reading

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