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Slaying Dragons – Part Two

I had lost track. It just didn’t matter anymore. If they weren’t busy deregulating Wall Street or cavalierly dangling their hand over the button that would launch us into WW3, they were playing with cigars, popping blue pills on the … Continue reading

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Today’s Pain in the Ass

…strolls in with one open criminal court case and a whole bunch of family court matters festering under his belt, and a pair of designer frames on his face. We don’t handle all that family biz; strictly criminal court stuff, … Continue reading

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Slaying Dragons – part one

Lately I’ve been trying my hand at slaying multiple dragons, and it’s been a messy affair. My implements get stuck in their thick skins, they wail in pain and their blood channels hot-spring geysers with a wild rushing forth. But … Continue reading

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